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Anna-Sophia Soulis

Does your web page need a fresh update?

Or are you constructing a brand new website?

E-commerce sales in decline with the need of innovative, enticing product descriptions?

Look no further….

My career background includes extensive experience in print journalism, scriptwriting and e-commerce copywriting including ‘evergreen’ content and product descriptions.

I specialise in writing meticulously crafted copy for websites and marketing materials. Creative written content comes at the top of the list of my expertise; designed to represent your individual brand or company in a way which will capture your reader’s attention and encourage them to discover more about your business.

As well as writing unique content, proofreading and editing existing copy are also part of the services on offer ensuring that the ‘i’s are dotted and the ’t’s are crossed as well as structuring content, revising grammar and spelling and ensuring it all makes sense.

Why use a content writer?

In today’s modern working environment, excellent content is a must-have investment for any business or service.

All websites need to carry a distinct message exclusive to your particular business or service.Your image and brand will be unlike any other, so the ‘tone of voice’ or style of writing used in that website needs to be compelling, well written and communicate the message and image you want your website to convey.

Stories sell…

Every product, service, business and person has a story. Stories command our attention, fascinate us and make us remember what it is that is so unique about us.

In today’s world, we are often bombarded with information, images and words from news, advertising, the internet, the press and the media. That is why comprehensive and unique written content which tells a story is so important to make your website and other marketing materials stand out from the crowd.

Concise Portfolio


Imagine this…. delicate poppies drifting on the fresh summer breeze. Flower In The Air created exclusively for the infamous fashion house Kenzo, is a unique fragrance made of four precious essences all from the same flower….the May rose.

From impeccably tailored formal wear to the signature polo shirts with the iconic polo pony detail, Polo Ralph Lauren has always epitomised quality and luxury. Inspired by the town-and-country lifestyle of New England, the collection is the classic must-have amongst the smart set.

‘Fiore di Levante’ Olive Oil is of premium quality, 100% pure and has not been mixed with any other olive oil of inferior quality. It is perfect to dress salads and cooked vegetables, in addition to drizzling it over fish and meat because of its purity and distinct taste. It is truly an olive oil for the discerning palate.
Alexander McQueen black snakeskin ballerina flats with a gold-tone skull featuring Swarovski crystal eyes and teeth detail. Stylishly unique with a sense of irony, wear them with Alexander McQueen’s red sleeveless drape peplum top and black skinny jeans for casual elegance.
Dolce & Gabbana cream and multicoloured slim fit trousers featuring an all over print of gypsy caravan wheels and opulent tassels. The result is a cacophony of colour matched with sleek tailoring. Wear them with a lace cotton smock top and sky high wedge heeled sandals for a vibrant, sensual look.
…offers clients assistance with a wide range of rural estate management and more specialist land agency matters including assisting clients with planning applications for rural workers’ dwellings, advising with matters concerning land ownership, occupation and farming arrangements and liaising with companies and authorities concerning pre land entry matters, all of which have resulted in him working in fifteen counties across England.
Silver, Peridot & Fossilized Walrus Tusk Pendant Crystallised mid-flight in a dynamic design, this fossilised walrus tusk hummingbird is completed with silver wings and beak. Mounted onto a silver swirl, the faceted peridots set this charming pendant off with a homage to joy and upliftment.
Trust the Process

If you are unclear as to whether you need new content for your website or as to how the fee structure works, the Contact Form at the bottom of the page is for you to send a brief explanation of your needs and requirements for a complimentary quotation.

A telephone consultation – free of charge can take place to discuss your project. The quotation will then be drawn up with a comprehensive explanation of rates.

The first draft will be composed and sent to you for your approval. There is no limit as to how many re-writes are made (within reason.) The aim is to get the right tone of voice and cover the different aspects of your requirements so that you are completely happy with your new written content.

Designing and building your website

In today’s age of the internet, it is more important than ever to have an online presence.
Whether you need a one or two page website showcasing your services and what you as an individual or your business has to offer, or a comprehensive and fully functional e-commerce website through which you can merchandise and sell your products, take bookings and process payments effortlessly and easily, a fantastic, individually designed website has never been more important.

That’s why I work with website designer and builder, Richard Thorne, who will not only create a bespoke website at competitive rates, but also provide ongoing technical support and advice as to how to keep your online presence working for you.

For further information please contact richard@richardthorne.net


Rates and Pricing

Pricing and rates depend upon the amount of research needed, length and amount of content and timescale. Each project is different, therefore fees are tailored to reflect this. If you have any enquiries – please contact me.

Contact Me.

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